P-TAC Unit

P-TAC Units


PTAC (Package Terminal Air Conditioner) Air Conditioning units are air conditioners that are designed to control the comfort level of a single room. PTAC units are installed in rooms with a wall leading directly to the outside. As a result, there is no ductwork required. This can substantially reduce the installation cost, the amount of time and the amount of space needed for installation, while allowing the occupant full control of the temperature without impacting the remaining rooms in the building.

There are several advantages to a PTAC unit:

1) Inexpensive to purchase – PTAC air conditioners are purchased on a per-room-as-needed basis, therefore costs can be controlled. Furthermore, as no ductwork is required, installation is not only faster, but less expensive as well.

2) Inexpensive to operate – the focus of the PTAC unit is one, single room. Therefore, by controlling the desired temperature on a per room basis, the PTAC unit provides heating or cooling only when needed. As a result, the amount of energy needed to provide comfort to a room is limited to the individual room, rather than the entire house.

3) Energy Efficient – Quite simply, no energy is wasted heating or cooling rooms that are not being used.

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