Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation Installation Houston, TX

With our professional attic insulation services, you can count on energy savings and maximum indoor comfort all year long!

Insulating your attic to the proper R-Value and sealing air leaks can reduce the heating and cooling portion of your energy bills by up to 20-30 percent for years to come.

With our professionals insulating your attic you will rest easy knowing your house stays warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and you’re saving money on your energy bills year-round.

Dave Lane's Hi-Tech Mechanical inc. is a strong believer in quality ventilation and Fiberglass attic insulation, which contains no sulfates, so it won’t cause noxious odors or corrode pipes and wiring. Fiberglass insulation is fire resistant and does not provide sustenance for animals. And because Fiberglass attic Insulation also resists moisture, it won’t rot, decay or support fungal growth. Fiberglass insulation is less dusty than other types of insulation.


If you are looking for reliable and experienced air conditioner installation services in the Houston, Texas area, Dave Lane's Hi-Tech Mechanical is at your disposal. We have a Gold Star Member standing with the Better Business Bureau and an A+ accreditation.

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