Solar Attic Ventilation

Solar Attic Ventilation Houston, TX

Do you know if your home has proper ventilation?

Dave Lane's Hi-Tech Mechanical specializes in proper ventilation which is crucial to reduce temperatures inside your attic and other enclosed spaces throughout the year.

We use a Solar Royal ventilation system to help make your living areas more comfortable in the summer; thus reducing AC usage, which also saves energy and money.

Our Solar Attic Ventilation Systems:

  • Convert passive ventilation to active
  • Extend the life of your roof and AC
  • Reduce moisture preventing mold and mildew
  • Are Windstorm approved and certified
  • Offer 30% Federal Tax Rebates

Installing a Solar Ventilator

Solar ventilators are designed to solve a wide variety of problems. Without proper ventilation, therefore, your home will heat up in summer, and be filled with moisture in winter. Similarly, your fans will not perform optimally during the night.

Importance of Proper Ventilation

Proper solar ventilation, on the other hand, will facilitate the continuous flow of cool air from outside into your home. At the same time, it will ensure that hot stagnant air flows outside your home. This will make a world of difference to the levels of comfort in your entire home, as well as lower your energy costs.

Professional Solar Ventilation Installers

The solar ventilation installers at Dave Lane's Hi-Tech Mechanical will not only help enhance the comfort level in your home, they will also protect your insulation and roofing from the considerable damage caused by persistent moisture and excessive heat.

In particular, our solar power ventilation systems are designed to protect your ceiling and roof against moisture and heat, thereby preserving the structural integrity of your home.

Proper ventilation also reduces the damaging shingle distortion, rot, and premature aging caused by excessive heat in summer. In the wet months of winter, the solar ventilator will keep your home safe by hampering the buildup of damaging ice dams while reducing the potential ineffectiveness that condensation causes on insulation. It will also reduce the buildup of mildew and mold.


If you are looking for reliable and experienced air conditioner installation services in the Houston, Texas area, Dave Lane's Hi-Tech Mechanical is at your disposal. We have a Gold Star Member standing with the Better Business Bureau and an A+ accreditation.

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Solar Attic Ventilation FAQs

1Can I transform an electric vent to a solar powered vent?
Yes, you can transform your electric vent into a solar powered one. To do this, use a conversion kit to make your noisy electric vent work as an environmentally-friendly solar ventilation system. Alternatively, you can call in the solar ventilation installers from Hi-Tech Mechanical to perform this operation for you.
2Do I need a professional to install a solar ventilation in my premises?
The solar ventilation can be installed by anyone who is handy with tools. However, you can still hire our professionals to install it for you.
3What is the life expectancy of the solar panel?
The solar panel is designed for last for 20 years and more. While the standard solar panel only lasts for about 5 years, our panels come with 20 years of prorated warranty.
4Will the solar powered ventilation continue to run after dark?
Yes it will. Our solar controller accessories can be used to simultaneously connect your solar ventilation system to your electric circuitry to provide additional ventilation after dark.
5How do roof ventilators work?

The roof ventilators from Hi-Tech Mechanical are designed to cool down your spaces by pushing hot air outside during summer and pulling cooler ambient air inside.

Additionally, the ventilators will extend your roof’s life by preventing the wood rot that is typically caused by the buildup of moisture under your roof when the days are hot and humid and/or rainy.

What is more, these appliances use energy generated by the sun, which means they require no additional energy. This means you won’t have to worry about paying high energy bills to ventilate your home.